textdrivebys is an online publication curated by a collective of women located all over the US.


Marilla Cupcake is the editor-in-chief and art director of the popular magazine Martha Stewart Living… in her dreams.  The other half of a duo that includes her death metal band bassist/superhero boyfriend, she resides in New York where she is a blogger (cupcakerehab.com), freelance graphic designer & artist. She is a Catholic school & art school survivor. In her spare time she does charity work, raises wolves, bakes cupcakes & takes pictures of them for her blog (the cupcakes- not the wolves). She also enjoys a good beer, a good meal, liquid eyeliner, traveling, knocking over convenience stores and looking as much like a cartoon character as possible.


Sabz is a lifestyle blogger and the creator of The Eclectic Grab Bag Dot Com. When she isn’t on the computer sharing her life stories to strangers and friends alike, Sabz is in front of her makeup table, perfecting her makeup routine and admiring all the pieces in her small yet mighty collection, singing and dancing with her kids, flirting with her husband, or watching re-runs of Sex In The City on E! Sabz loves pop culture, harajuku lovers, coca-cola, Paramore, all things beauty and hello kitty. Her favorite thing to do is frolic in the grass barefoot with her pet Unicorn while French kissing Justin Timberlake and Channing Tatum; at the same time. Sabz also enjoys dreaming big.

Mama Harris is the head and creator of the food blog mamaharriskitchen.com that brings easy recipes of flavorful dishes of various varieties. She is also the full time domestic goddess of the Harris Crew Headquarters, home to a multicultural, blended family that includes 5 children that range in an assortment of ages and a wonderful husband. The whole family fully enjoys being her taste testers, and enthusiastically participates as often as possible. When Mama Harris is not in the kitchen, you can find her brainstorming ideas for remodel projects around the house, playing taxi for her children and their various activities, trying to stay sexy for her husband and being an all-around superwoman while still managing time for her to keep sane. This includes guilty pleasures of reality television and gossip magazines. Mama Harris loves makeup, beauty & hair products, her iPhone and laptop.

A.Shankasaurus is a crazy dog lady in her late twenties that owns and rambles on 3twentysix.com. She resides in the Bayou City of Houston, TX where the heat makes her skin itch and the rain makes her hair frizz. She’s married to a fantastical Plumber who puts up with her need to save all the dogs in the world. She watches shows like Dexter, Grey’s anatomy, Sons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead because she’s obsessed with blood?! Music style is pretty much everywhere with her playlist including Frank Ocean, Mumford and Sons, Rage Against the Machine, and Michael Bublé to name a few. She has a big cheesy smile but don’t let that fool you because she carries a shank and curses like a sailor. Favorite beer is Stella Artois and the Houston Texans are the ONLY team she cheers for. Recently converted to Team iPhone!

Xenia was born in an era when moms still packed Twinkies in lunch boxes and it was all good.  See what happens when healthy happens – Hostess goes bankrupt and closes down.  Xenia believes everything good goes away – pirating music made Tower Records go away.  Stop making good things vanish.  Look what happened to the dinosaurs, extinct.  Graduating with honors in her anger management class, she will still cut a bitch.